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 Are you a high achiever? A perfectionist? Super motivated?

Are you in a professional field? An analytical, linear thinker? Great at getting things done…

But do you also want to actually be HAPPY in your day to day life?

To be more centered, more grounded?


I’m Kristi, a former lawyer & burnout coach who used to be where you are right now.

To start, think of this:

»  A life where you are calm, connected, rested and at peace at where you are and where you are going.

»  A life where you feel in control, autonomous over your own life and not continuously swept up in the tide.

»  A life where you are doing important work in the world and you feel the fulfillment that comes with that. This work sustains you, lifts you up and energizes you, instead of draining and exhausting you.

»  A life where you feel grounded in your values and know that your actions and priorities align with those values.

»  A life where you feel connected to the tasks on your to-list. You know exactly why they are there and you appreciate what their role is.

»  A life where you feel nourished – physically, intellectually, emotionally, soulfully. 

»  A life where you are confident that you are creating the best version of yourself, every single day.

sound amazing?

It’s not out of reach for you AT ALL! Let’s talk.

if you are…

» Burned out

» Unhappy with your job

» Frustrated with your habits

» Feel like you can’t make changes

» Not enjoying day to day life

» Can’t unplug from work

» Always feel behind

» Feel guilty prioritizing yourself

» Physically exhausted

» Emotionally exhausted

» Can’t take time for yourself

» Constantly self-critical

» Always braced for failure

» Feel like it’s too late to change your life.

if you are asking…

» Is this the type of life that I want?

» Am I being the person that I really want to be?

» Am I ENJOYING my life?

» Can I really change after so much time?

then I am a coach for YOU.

Welcome to A Settled Mind

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One on one coaching, where we get into the foundational work of changing your life.


Do you feel burned out? Frustrated? Exhausted?

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I Promise…You are Not Stuck! (E-Book)

Read Kristi’s story of leaving her legal career to work as a waitress and learn the 4 things to work through in your life to move forward in your life and no longer feel stuck!

Meet Kristi

Certified deep transformational coach

Former burned out lawyer

Understands the daily grind of professional life, how to recognize burnout and move through it

Loves normalizing the pursuit of balance, contentment and fulfillment in our everyday lives


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“Grateful for the process”

Receiving coaching from Kristi has been a deeply invigorating experience, the space she has held for me was filled with compassion and softness that allowed me to really dig deep into my personality and bring out things that I wouldn’t have imagined I would easily bare to just anyone. The manner in which she dealt with these delicate matters with effortless non judgment helped me really ease away from limiting beliefs and find freedom and healing. Through this process I have been able to take action on things that I felt stuck in for a long time. I am grateful for the process, loving space and Kristi’s powerful presence.

– ZJ
“I always felt seen”

Kristi is a wonderful coach. Her grounded energy helps you trust and understand what is coming up for you. She listens and reflects back a loving understanding of what you are trying to convey. I always felt seen!

– CL
“A way of making you feel safe”

I attended one of Kristi’s journaling events and it was such a great experience. She provided a journal and a bookmark with prompts to consider as she walked us through the exercise. The questions and meditations she led us through really made me consider whether or not I was truly making room for joy. Kristi is so thoughtful in how she put her events together and did a great job creating a space for vulnerability and sharing breakthroughs. I highly recommend Kristi. She has a way of making you feel safe and supported in every interaction you have with her.

– EB

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