5 Questions to Ask Yourself if you want OUT of your Career 
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A Settled Mind

How do YOU want to change your life?

 Are you a high achiever? A perfectionist? Super motivated?

An analytical, linear thinker? Great at getting things done?

But do you also want to actually be HAPPY in your life?

To be more centered, more grounded?


I’m Kristi, a transformational life coach who used to be where you are right now. And I can help.

Welcome to A Settled Mind

I can help you figure out what you REALLY want from your life. Not what you should want or what you kind of, maybe want. What you truly, deeply, maddeningly want, but feel like it’s so far out of reach that you can’t even form the words to describe it.

I am a coach for people who have done ALL the “right” things, but who still aren’t happy with what they have built. Who know how to get it done, but haven’t figured out how to actually enjoy the process.

I am a coach for people who want to be DELIGHTED with their days, not just get through them. For people who don’t want to wait for vacation to enjoy their life, or wait for retirement to really be happy with how they are living.

If that’s what you want too, I am a coach for YOU.

Send me a message and let’s chat!

Welcome to A Settled Mind

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A place for exploration, discovery and the uncovering of your true, authentic path. Work with Kristi through the Individual Coaching Subscription, for as short or as long as your journey takes*. There is no timeline on changing your life.

*(two month minimum)

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Self – Knowing

How well do you know yourself and what you truly want? This is a self-guided online training, to lead you through discovering who you truly are.
*Coming Soon*

I Promise…You are Not Stuck! (E-Book)

Read Kristi’s story of leaving her legal career to work as a waitress and learn the 4 things to work through in your life to move forward in your life and no longer feel stuck!

Meet Kristi

Hi! I’m Kristi. I was 32 when I decided, after seven years as a lawyer, to leave my career and build a completely different type of life. After years of focusing on a stressful, all-encompassing career, I needed to mentally decompress and so I went to work as a waitress at a fine dining restaurant. For once, I was not thinking of what my next step would mean for my career, or what people would think of me, only of what would allow me to figure out how to actually enjoy my day to day life.

With A Settled Mind, I want to help people who feel like I did – unhappy and frustrated in their career, but who also feel stuck and unsure of where to go next. There is more to your day to day life than your job, and you should not have to pay for your career with your happiness. I want to normalize the pursuit of balance, wellness and fulfillment in day to day life – including in your job!

5 Questions to Ask Yourself if
you want OUT of your Career

Get this free PDF to start your journey to figuring out what you ACTUALLY want!

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