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At A Settled Mind, the importance of our day to day lives is recognized, valued and celebrated.

If you feel stuck or frustrated in your day to day life, if you wish you could leave your job, or if you just aren’t happy with the life or career you have built, read on. If you have accomplished your goals, successfully navigated a professional path, but just don’t feel satisfied, I’m glad you’re here.
I have been there too – burned out, frustrated and unsure of what to do next. But there IS a way through, to transform a life lived on someone else’s terms into your own, authentic path.
I believe that YOU deserve to be happy in your day to day life. Considering the happiness of a single day may sound mundane, or boring, which is why it is often overlooked. But when we shrug off our misery and just try to get through, we lose more than just a day – we lose the overall enjoyment of our lives.
I am here to help.
There is a difference between being happy with your day to day life, and what it is leading towards, and truly being happy INSIDE of it – when living it, breathing it, feeling it, you know you are exactly where you want to be. Whether it’s individual coaching, signing up for my newsletter, or one of my other resources that helps you start your journey, just by being here, you are on your way to a settled mind.


A place for exploration, discovery and the uncovering of your true, authentic path. Work with Kristi through the Individual Coaching Subscription, for as short or as long as your journey takes*. There is no timeline on changing your life.

*(two month minimum)

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Self – Knowing

How well do you know yourself and what you truly want? This is a self-guided online training, to lead you through discovering who you truly are.
*Coming Soon*

I Promise…You are Not Stuck!


Read Kristi’s story of leaving her legal career to work as a waitress and learn the 4 things to work through in your life to move forward in your life and no longer feel stuck!

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